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Dr. Ron Giving Free WEEE/RoHS Workshop at Dartmouth


I am giving an updated version of my one day workshop on WEEE/RoHS compliant assembly at The Thayer School of Enginnering at Dartmouth on Wednesday, April 12, 2006 from 10AM to 4PM. It will be held in the Jackson Conference Room in Cummings Hall. It is free (including lunch) and is sponsored by Indium Corp and the Cook Engineering Design Center at Dartmouth. If interested contact Judy Durell ( She will give you directions and register you. There will also be a free, top quality handout of the slides.

In addition, there will be a brief presentation on the fascinating history of engineering at Dartmouth, the first professional engineering school in the US.

Please join us!

Here is the agenda:

- WEEE/RoHS Overview
. Trends
. EU regulations and Directives
. WEEE Overview
. RoHS Overview
. Educated Interpretation
. Member State Guidance Notes
. Other Impending Legislation
. Tear Down Analysis

- Selecting the Alloy
- Understand the Challenges
- Component Challenges
- PCB Surface Finishes
- PWB Concerns
- CAF Concerns
- Tombstoning of Pb-Free
- Pb-Free Voiding
- Inspecting Pb-Free Solder Joints
- Develop the SMT Process
- Wave Soldering and Alternatives
- Case Study: The Motorola Success
- Implementing Your WEEE/RoHS Plan


Dr. Ron