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Dr. Ron hits 60, claims "World's Strongest Senior Archer" Title

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    Today I celebrate my 60th birthday. As I can now pull a longbow at 120 pounds, I am claiming the title of "World's Strongest Senior Archer." Since the world record stood at about 175 pounds until several years ago, and all of the folks in the current record setting of about 200 pounds pull force are under 40 years old, I think I may have a legitimate claim. Let's see if anyone over 60 years old disputes it.

    My friend Rick Short pointed out that if I add enough "qualifiers", currently I have only "senior," I will evenetually be correct in my claim. It is interesting to note, that the past and current record holders are all large men (> 200 pounds). I am less than 185 if needed, I could add light-heavyweight.

    BTW, some you may remember when I began this quest last year that Rick was one of my greatest may recall his statement: "Dr. Ron, at you age shouldn't you be saving your money for nursing homes instead of buying longbows."


    Dr. Ron