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Dr. Ron Shatters 110# Longbow

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  • Folks,

    Some time ago I listed my interest in English Longbows. The first bow I got early in 2005, took between 80 and 100 pounds to draw (depending on the draw length). My goal is to be able to pull back a bow that is between 120 and 140 pounds. According to bowyer (bow maker) Pip Bickerstaffe, if I can do this, I will join only a handful of people that have achieved this goal. Rick Short, in a note of encouragement on my plan said, "Gee Ron at your age (58), shouldn't you be saving money for a nursing home instead of buying longbows?" Thanks Rick!

    In my training I have been using a 90-110 pound bow. On Saturday, Dec 3, 2005, I shattered the bow by overdrawing it! I mounted this broken bow and it is now a trophy in my office at Dartmouth. I'm trying to decide if I should put a sign under it that says, "Don't Mess with Dr. Ron."

    The photo shows me drawing my new replacement 100-120 pound bow made by bowyer Jay St. Charles to a little less than 110 pounds. My plan is to be able to pull back a 120-140 pound bow before June 2006. For those interested, the world record is a tad over 200 pounds.


    Dr. Ron