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Drop Test Performance of SACm® Pb-Free Solder Alloy

As I discussed in my last post, the industry has found that reducing the silver content of SAC alloys helps to improve its mechanical shock performance.  However, low-Ag alloys such as SAC105 are still inferior to its Sn/Pb predecessors in some important ways.  The graph below shows this trend.










Indium Corporation spent several years developing an alloy that bridges the gap between SAC solders and Sn/Pb solders for mechanical shock resistance.  The culmination of this research has led to the development of SACm®.  SACm® not only outperforms SAC105 but is superior to Sn/Pb when it comes to mechanical shock.  For complete test data on SACm® visit


*This post is part of the Introducing SAM® series.