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Durafuse® LT - with LEDs?

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  • I'm still discovering new applications for Durafuse® LT low-temperature solder. A really interesting one I've run into is for helping improve LED lifetimes; yes, with lights! 

    Like everything, LEDs degrade over time. When you see lifetime ratings on an LED bulb, they are measuring how long a light stays above a certain percentage of its maximum brightness - whether it is 70% or 95%.

    That degradation over time is usually sensitive to temperature. Normal room temperatures are fine, but sometimes during a manufacturing process, LEDs might have to go through some pretty high-temperatures - solder reflow temperatures to be precise. That's where a low-temperature solder can help. And when the mechanical properties matter, Durafuse® LT lets you drop the reflow temperature for applications where bismuth is too brittle

    I love seeing the next generation of technology develop - and hopefully with Durafuse® LT, we will help solve some of the challenges on the way. 

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    PS: LEDs have been been around for a long time. So you would think the technology was pretty much settled right? Totally wrong - there are a lot of interesting developments from applications in cars to OLEDs or tiny micro-LEDs that could be in next generation TVs! Did you know that chemicals using indium and gallium get used to make LED lights? Check out the linked blogs.