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East Coast IC Fab Course / Photovoltaic Technology Course

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  • As many of you know, I’m focused on applications for the solar industry and the semiconductor industry. In fact, many of the readers of this blog have spent a good amount of time working in both fields as well. Dr. Ernest Levine is just like us, except he makes these topics way more interesting to learn about than I have figured out how to do yet…


    Whether you’re learning about semiconductors or solar cells for the first time, you’re planning on learning more, or maybe you just want a refresher course – check out one of these courses in October. The IC Fabrication Class is offered Oct. 12-13 and the Photovoltaic Class is offered Oct. 26-27.


    Back in 2008 I attended the IC Fab class and interviewed Ernest to learn more:


    When he let me know about the upcoming classes he mentioned: “It really is a fun class for learning and I am happy to offer it.” That’s true, everyone I know who has taken this class enjoyed it, and was described as “a good way to fill in the gaps”. For more detailed information send Ernest an email at  or call him at (518) 437-8623.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert