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“Easy” Notes and Application Buttons

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  • In yesterday's post Daryle made a point that application notes are somewhat like “Easy” buttons.  Since I love exploiting analogies, let’s take a closer look:






    • “Easy” buttons are simple, and bring some closure to a subject – so do application notes.


    • Using an application note is free, “Easy” buttons can also be used for free assuming someone in the office has one.


    • A specialized application note will take 1-2 weeks to produce from scratch, you can buy an “Easy” button at a local Staples and immediately have your way with it.


    • “Easy” buttons don’t answer any questions or pose any solutions, they are used after that fact.  Application notes are used before a problem is solved.


    • (Caution – this will get cheesy and far fetched…)  “Easy” buttons are mostly white and red (read).