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Economy's Affect on Marketing Budgets

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  • According to MarketingSherpa's MarketingYak podcast:

    Stefan Tornquist, Research Director, MarketingSherpa, talks about some of the profound shifts in spending that show up in a September 2009 survey of B-to-B and consumer marketers. Overall, 25 budgets are being cut for every spending plan getting a boost at larger companies – with the average decrease around 20%.

    That said, lower-cost promotional tactics like emails and search engine marketing are less affected while higher-cost tactics (like trade events) are most affected.  Outsourcing is predicted to trump adding marketing staff.

    Taking a step forward in the down economy are the "aggressive marketers". These small- to mid-size companies are planning to take advantage of the opportunities presented in the economy.

    The podcast is just shy of 9 minutes and worth the time. Listen to MarketingSherpa's MarketingYak podcast on 2009 Marketing Budgets.

    COMMENT on how the economy is affecting YOUR budget.