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ELV Legislation (II) - Revenge of ELV

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    Drilling into what's happening with European ELV legislation and how US stakeholders are reacting has been an interesting trip. Nancy Malo of the US-led Automotive Industry Action Group AIAG put me in touch with Lynn Smith of the US Council for Automotive Research USCAR who recently heard about the uses of indium in Pb-free solder for use on glasses (8b of Directive 2000/53/EC annex II). I hope to hear from Lynn soon.

    Meanwhile, earlier this year, the European Union contracted Öko-Institut, who themselves contracted Kevin Kennedy and Associates Inc (KKAI), who themselves requested our old friend, renowned author and consultant Dr Jennie Hwang to report on Pb-free (lead-free) solder alternatives for electronics attach on glass.

    I still haven't found anyone who can help me out with the latest on Annex II 8a (all non-glass attached electronics) and frankly keeping the above straight has given me a headache and I need a Stella before I broach the subject again. All help and corrections appreciated.

    Cheers!   Andy