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    When IBM sold most of its Endicott, NY facility to Endicott Interconnects (EI) in 2002, I was among the doubters that EI would fare well. Having as its core business printed wiring board fabrication and electronics assembly, two of the most competitive fields, it seemed only a matter of time before EI would fade away. This thought was particularly painful to me as I spent 26 years working at this IBM site and was also an "IBM brat," as both of my parents met (in the 1930s) and worked there.
    So, my expectations were not too high when I worked with some friends at EI to organize a tour of EI's PWB fab facility for some of my colleagues from Indium Corporation. I have to admit I was blown away with what I saw. Our tour started with an overview by EI President "Jay" McNamara. He told the story of how EI used the experience, drive and creativity of the former IBMers to develop a business focused on large 26x36 inch (66 X91.5 cm), thick 0.400 inches (1.02 cm)  PWB fab and assembly. The PWBs they design and manufacture are so challenging to make, that for 60% of their business they have no competition. The Department of Defense considers them a "mission critical" site.
    In a time when much of electronics manufacturing is going off shore and there is a sense that the US is losing its competitive edge, it is comforting to learn of EI's great success. Best wishes to them in the future.
    Dr. Ron