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ENERGY in B2B Marcom

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  • People say that dogs sense fear. I wonder if dogs say that PEOPLE sense fear. Of course, we do.

    A good friend, Barry Matties of, just posted some thoughts on his recent participation in productronica - the largest exhibition in our electronics assembly industry. Held every other year, the show is expensive, of critical importance, and exciting.

    Barry discussed "energy" at the show, saying things like:
    • "The energy in your company is noticeable"
    • "it was easy to see the companies that have negative energy"
    • "the positive companies had a much better show"

    I believe energy in B2B Marcom is driven by our emotions, our knowledge, our confidence, and our attitudes. And that our energy comes through in our work.

    Be careful when you plan a project; Initiate all projects with hope and high spirits. Your staff feeds on your style, as do your vendors. Be careful as you lead the implementation of a marketing communications project; Your finished products influence everyone from the people rolling them out, to the people weilding them, to the people receiving them. And the effect cascades.

    We've all seen dull data sheets and exhibits that appeared to have been exhumed. And we've all been lifted by ads and brochures that were infused with positive mojo. You KNOW which ones you want to produce.

    Barry concluded by saying, "In the end, as you plan for your next show, make sure that the energy you send is the right energy--it makes a difference."