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Exhibition ROI

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  • Indium just participated (taught, learned, exhibited, networked, etc.) at SMTAi. The industry seems to be overrun with exhibitions, and the exhibitors all seem to be cutting back on expenses in an effort to do more shows on the same budget (a few have greatly reduced their exhibit spend).

    As I walked the aisles I was considering the effort to get more for less – and began musing on the classic "exhibit ROI". Just as I was pondering this timeless B2B Marcom thought, I walked by this exhibit.

    The company is Photo Etch Technology and they make stencils. At this show they went to market in one of the lowest "i"s (investment, cost)that I've ever seen, and I bet they earned a fair "r" (return), probably making their ROI for this endeavor fairly high.

    By the looks of things they used the complimentary pipe & drape, cardboard sign, table/chair set up and embellished it with small table displays, a big, bright stencil on an easel, and a plastic banner sporting their website address, WWW.STENCIL.COM.

    For the incredibly small amount of money they seem to have spent, their effort really caught my eye, and immediately told me EXACTLY why they were here and what they could do for me (had I been a stencil consumer).

    Great work PET!