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Feeling Overwhelmed by WEEE/RoHS Complance Issues

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  • Folks,

    As the clock ticks away, many people are becoming overwhelmed by WEEE and RoHS tasks. For technologists like myself, many of the RoHS tasks are perhaps challengeing, but at least understandable (e.g. qualifying a lead-free solder paste, developing a RoHS compliant BOM, concerns about tin whiskers, etc). When it comes to WEEE however, it may be difficult for many to "get their hands around" what the WEEE tasks even are. The WEEE tasks are especially challengeing when one considers that you have to work with 30 different countries and many different languages. Some people have been surprized to find that many of the countries expect you to register in their language (not English!) (I struggle to understand why this surprizes many.)

    Reader George has asked me if there are any books or software tools to help in these endeavors. I know of no book that outlines what to do. The reason this type of book doesn't exist is likely because of the lack of clarity and lack of timeliness of the WEEE registration directions from the 30 countries. As far as software tools, there are some that have been developed by the companies that I will soon mention.

    At this late date, the bottom line, in my opinion, especially for WEEE issues is to consider hiring a consultancy. There is so much knowledge that is needed to register and establish all of the plans that the different countries require it is likely unrealistic to exepct to accomplish the many tasks without help by someone who has done it before. The following are some consultancies that do WEEE and RoHS work. Their skill sets vary, so check their web pages to see if they are a match for your needs.

    Design Chain Associates

    Ageus Solutions

    Goodbye Supply Chain

    5 Trees

    My sharing their contact information with you is not necessarily an endorsement. You might want to do your own research before retaining the firm that is right for you.

    Let me know how you make out.

    All the best,

    Dr. Ron