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Fellow WEEE/RoHS "Warrior" Don Ballard Publishes Book on Disneyland Hotel

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    Faithful reader and fellow WEEE/RoHS "warrior" Don Ballard found time to write a book on the history of the Disneyland Hotel.

    Here is some of the intro to the book:

    "How do you build a hotel that, in its way, creates the same joy as Disneyland® - that sets the stage for a visit to the Magic Kingdom and sustains the happy mood when that visit is over?

    These are some of the problems which confronted Jack Wrather when he sat down with members of his staff to plan the official hotel at Disneyland®."

    Click on this link to find more infromation on Don's book: The Disneyland Hotel: The Early Years 1954-1988..


    Dr. Ron