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  • There couldn't be a better word.

    I would like to claim credit, but that goes to a group of people who I follow loosely – the people at 'King Cool Rides. I follow them due to my love of motorcycle customizing. To see my work drop by

    To understand non-"Festoonery", check out these 'King Cool bikes.

    And now, on to B2B Marcom …
    I have been on a rampage of late – railing against Marcom "festoonery". With each passsing day it is clearer that every single person you and I are targeting is overloaded with input of all kinds. We have to get to the point: succinctly and effectively.

    I find it quite surprising how difficult it is to get people to strip the message (whether it be a web page, a product data sheet, a press release, an exhibit design, etc.) down to the core and then organize it in the most user-effective manner.

    I'm not perfect at this (learning every day) and I don't expect anyone else to be, either. So we all have to help each other along on this journey. But, rest assured. Indium Corporation IS going on this journey. Our customers simply don't have the time or energy to "figure out" why what we are saying (or alluding to) means a darn thing to them. That's OUR job!

    Eschew festoonery!

    Image: non-Festooned bike: Exile Cycles website.