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First RoHS Prosecutions, Governor Schwarzenegger Does not Sign California RoHS

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  • Folks,

    The first prosecutions for RoHS violations have occurred. However the penalties were not severe. The article disclosing the details, suggests that the EU continues to try to work with offending companies in an even handed way. Chris Smith from the UK's RoHS team summarizes, "Our policy from the beginning has been to work with cooperative companies to meet RoHS objectives rather than get . . . heavy-handed,"

    Smart people those EU enforcement folks .

    In other RoHS news, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger did not sign California Assembly Bill 48, which he claimed went too far beyond the scope of the EU RoHS to be practical and would hurt California businesses.

    My sense is that this is the right position for California at this time.

    BTW, I think if he tried, the Governor could oust me as the "World's Strongest Senior Archer," he also recently turned 60.


    Dr. Ron