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    So I was tempted to just abbreviate and write: Free Nano!  But I fear that it wouldn't have referred to a free nanotechnology article recently published in the Journal of Nature Nanotechnology.  If you are a young engineer, you remember what it was like to have all of the most current journals at your finger tips right there available to you through the school's library home page.  Now, as engineer professionals, magazines, journals, and publications are, for the large part, an expensive part of how we do our job. And, while our company will frequently pick up the tab, it's not clear that a publication is going to be informative and of value to what we are doing ... until it comes.

    This is why when a nanotech magazine releases an very interesting article on how graphene sheets fabricated by a CVD and roll-to-roll process have some very promising electronic properties, I suggest reading it!

    Graphene is the new entrant to the carbon/nanotech conversation.  With the new processing tools available, it might be able to use carbon in a unique "nano" way.  In this case they are depositing graphene using a chemical vapor deposition process, literally atoms at a time!  Give it a read and let me know what you think!