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Get SMT Process Engineer Certified @ SMTAI!


This year will mark the 10th anniversary of SMTA’s SMT Process Certification Course.  This course was developed by Jim Hall, Phil Zarrow and me, Dr. Ron Lasky, in time for SMTAI 2002.  The workshop covers all of SMT from materials (strong emphasis on solder paste), components, soldering, stencil printing, component placement, reflow soldering, wave soldering, dispensing, test, and more.

The course assumes that the material is mostly review, so it is definitely not introductory level.   At the end of the workshop are an open book and closed book test.  Upon passing the test, you will have the privilege of adding the title: “Certified SMT Process Engineer*” to your business card.

Among the many benefits of SMTAI certification is being able to inform your customers that your product is manufactured by credentialed personnel. Since the SMT Process Certification Course is taught internationally, this credential is recognized globally.

So if you, or your team, are not already certified, join the tenth anniversary workshop at SMTAI 2012  at Disney World and get certified!


Dr. Ron

* In some countries, such as Canada, the term "engineer" has legal implications and cannot be used unless the person has a degree from an accredited university or a Professional Engineer's License.