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Environmentally Friendly Electronics - A Team Effort

Being green is an ongoing challenge when you're part of a massive interconnected global supply chain.

We experience that ourselves at Indium Corporation, with our own manufacturing and while working with a diverse group of suppliers. We are constantly trying to reduce our own environmental impact and improve the communities around us.

But, when it comes to Printed Circuit Board Assembly (PCBA) and the later stages in manufacturing, well, I 100% respect the never-ending work that needs to be put in near the end of the supply chain when trying to reduce the environmental impact.

Here are some thoughts on how we as a solder supplier can help make the next step of the manufacturing process a little bit greener. 

  • Dross Reclaim 
    • Most manufacturing process have scrap or leftover unusuable material. The contaminated material remaining from a wave soldering process may not be functional in it's current form, but it can serve as an opportunity for both recycling AND cost savings. 
    • We can also help recycle the metal remaining from unopened jars of solder paste.
  • Recycled Source Material
    • Not only can the material in your facility be recycled, but we can help source and verify recycled material coming into your supply stream. Again, there are so many materials and products going into an electronics assembly and I understand that it's overwhelming. But using solder with verified recycled tin can be a great place to start. 
  • Low-Temperature Soldering
    • Finally, we can help make the electronics assembly process itself a little more environmentally friendly. One great method is using a low- temperature solder (LTS). Low-temperature solder requires less heat, which means the oven temperatures can be reduced to consume less energy. We have been working on many new innovations, and would be thrilled to help you with your environmental goals while maintaining the reliability you need

If you're looking to reduce the environmental impact of your assembly process, you can give me or one of our technical support team a call.