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Good Business to Business Marcom Requires Imagination Plus Enthusiasm

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  • Admit it. We’ve all said it: “No one will care about this. It’s mundane and boring.”

    Well, here’s a real sleeper: a company moved their offices. How could that POSSIBLY be interesting?

    Let's take it even further down that path:

    • same staff
    • same equipment
    • same software
    • same skills
    • same email addresses
    • same twitter account
    • same website
    • same phone numbers
    • same coffee maker
    ... are you convinced yet? This situation is barely worthy of a press release, right?

    Funny thing is, they made it cool & compelling – and turned it into a way to influence their customers’ thinking - maybe even their actions.

    How? I don't know the details, but it clearly involved a cadre of individuals that feels responsible for enhancing its company's brand and image. The project was clearly crafted by people who are pretty cool - and who want to be known as such. These professionals are obviously enthusiastic about their craft - and they applied creativity to tell their target audience of their news.

    Ask yourself these questions: 

    • Does Bars & Tone seem to be energized?
    • Could they make YOUR next press release reverberate throughout your industry?
    • Would your customers listen when they help you speak?
    • Do you recall their competitions' last project?

    Bottom line: don't talk yourself out of a potentially influential BtoB Marcom project by thinking that your news is boring. Instead, find yourself some committed, enthusiastic, creative, raving lunatics and ask them to impress you. They're out there - and you deserve it.

    Props to the Slash Barshinger blog, "the shortest distance from b to b", for making me aware of this story.