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Goodbye Advanced Packaging Magazine

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  • When I started writing technical articles for Indium Corporation, I needed to figure out which magazines I wanted to be published in.  In my opinion, Advanced Packaging Magazine has been the most interesting publication for our industry.  It is the magazine I look forward to most each month.  At first I felt as if I wasn’t ready to have an article in Advanced Packaging Magazine.  Since then, the magazine has published every article I have submitted – and I have felt honored to be among the other authors that have articles in the magazine.






    As most of you probably already know, Advanced Packaging will be merging with Solid State Technology Magazine (SST).  PennWell is the parent company of both, so this is more of a re-structuring than a take-over.  As much as I will miss Advanced Packaging, SST is one of the other magazines that really suit our industry, so this could work out alright.  February 2009 marks the last edition of Advanced Packaging, so as a last goodbye this week will be “Advanced Packaging Magazine Week” here on the Semiconductor Packaging Blog.  The rest of the week will be devoted to the articles appearing in the final “Advanced Packaging