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Got It Covered (again)

  • B2B Marcom

  • He is a Marcom Director's dream. Of course I am talking about our own Dr. Ning-Cheng Lee. He is smart, accomplished, proven, acknowledged, creative, and humble. Additionally, he loves to publish his work and enjoys touring to speak on his findings. Best of all, his curiosity and warmth allow him to truly enjoy talking with people (sometimes for hours on end - he is a great listener).

    These traits endear him to his students, colleagues, customers, and industry partners. And it all adds up to a legendary image and reputation in the industry.

    The results? Dr. Lee has received so many honors, and been invited to speak to so many groups that I've left those details to another page. One exciting NEW result is that the good people of EM China Magazine have selected Dr. Lee to appear on the cover of their upcoming (June/July) issue.

    Of course, Dr. Lee's fans think this is another well-deserved tribute to his greatness. Dr. Lee is just embarassed by the attention as he humbly returns to his scientific research. A Marcom Director's dream!