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Government Support is the Key

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  • Last week I attended the Tech Valley Energy Forum at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at Albany. The keynote speakers were Patrick J. Curran, Executive Director of the Energy Association of NYS and Gavin Donohue, President of the Independent Power Producers of New York. Although the forum was government policy related, it was encouraging to hear that the NY state government is actively trying to overcome the issues that are obstructing the adoption of solar photovoltaic in New York. In the short term solar industry definitely needs support from the governments in developed countries. Rebates, Tax credits, Feed-in-tariffs are some of the tools policymakers are using to support the solar photovoltaic industry. In the long term the solar industry needs to take advantage of this support, innovate, learn, grow and reduce costs. Personally I am glad that the government policies in various states in USA are slowly gathering momentum.

    In the meanwhile Indium Corporation continues to help several solar players across the world with it's advanced materials and technical expertise. The goal being reduction of the total system cost through higher solar conversion efficiencies, lower system downtime and longer lasting solar panels.

    Here are few links that are insightful about the rebates, incentives and savings estimate in USA.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert