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Green Issues Continue in Popular Media, Halogen Free Interest Grows

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  • Folks,

    In my blog posting of December 1, 2005, I asked PC Magazine's "Cranky Geek" John Dvorak about his knowledge of RoHS. He admitted to being unaware at that time. Well PC Magazine has now gone "green" and is knowledgeable not only on RoHS, but also other green metrics, such as recycling, and carbon footprints. Their April 2008 issue is labeled The Green Issue. The most shocking statistic from the issue: All of the obsolete computers in the US would make a 22 story mountain that would cover the entire 472 square miles of greater Los Angeles. Yikes! WEEE, RoHS and Green are here to stay.

    Interest in halogen free solders and assembly continues to grow, even in spite of the controversy of whether or not it is a valid green issue for solder. Many of us think that halogen free will be the topic of this year in electronic assembly materials. Due to this interest Tim Jensen of Indium is starting a Halogen Free Blog.

    The image above is from the January 2008 edition of National Geographic….as I said, the need for recycling is now mainstream.


    Dr. Ron