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Greetings From NEPCON South China

  • Indium Corporation

  • I am in Shenzhen, attending NEPCON South China. The show is full of action. The Indium team has met with several existing and new customers, important co-suppliers, and partner/vendors. I am pleased to say that we made great progress with a potential large customer over lunch yesterday (it's all about sales).

    There is a ton of competition in this market - and at this show. It is hard to stand out and be meaningful. Indium relied on well-proven techniques AND on some of our latest effects to catch the customers' eyes. I am pleased to report that we, once again, passed the Plant Person Test.

    Our exhibit was designed with tremendous input from our local field sales staff, and with advice from exhibit design professionals. After the first two days of the show we have received numerous compliments, and have hosted a large amount of customer visits. The design is working very well.

    I want to thank everyone who played a part in the design and construction of our exhibit. The results are tremendous.

    I am now off to attend the final day of the show. It is going to be great fun.