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  • Whatever you call it, low temperature metallization paste is the silver- (Ag) filled material used to electrically connect thin film solar cells. So why does it go by so many names? Perhaps because it is a relatively new product with no industry standards referencing it. (Feel free to leave a comment if a standard is added…) For a very short period of time, silver ink was planned to be included in the upcoming IPC solar standards: ‘IPC PV Module Technical Standards Committee’.  It was recently decided that the standards would initially focus on C-Si module assembly – thin film assembly may be included in later revisions.


    So who is right? Honestly, we are quite accustomed to calling it ‘metallization paste’, but we know what you are talking about if you use the other terms or describe what you are looking for. I think that in future blog posts you will notice Indium Corporation using the terms ‘grid ink’, ‘silver ink’, and ‘conductive ink’ much more to describe the material, since all those terms are correct. What term do you think best describes this material?

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