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  • Overcoming the challenges we face in a production environment is accomplished in many ways. Ideas may be generated during a high-level brainstorming exercise or during a conversation while traveling on the road. Tests can be done to determine areas of improvement, and plans can be made to upgrade equipment. Another way a great company succeeds is when the employees closest to the products go above and beyond to “make it happen”.

    Last week our team of experienced manufacturing technicians had a tricky task: produce a solder foil that was very wide and extremely thin and very long – all with tight tolerances. Our team worked very hard evaluating different approaches, using a variety of process equipment. Despite their expertise, achieving the goal was a real challenge since they were operating on several frontiers simultaneously.

    Yesterday, with few options remaining, the team was facing a very frustrating outcome. One operator asked that we give him a final chance. He would stay late and try something that might satisfy all of the requirements.

    This morning that operator greeted me and gave me great news – his hard work paid off and the product was manufactured!

    My thanks go out to Don, an experienced and dedicated operator, and to all of Indium Corporation's operators. Through their inspired hard work and diligence, these people constantly push back our frontiers, expanding our capabilities. They not only make this type of thing happen here at the Indium Corporation, they ultimately enable our customers to push back their frontiers, too.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert