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  • Okay, I’ll be honest – I think it’s pretty cheesy to write an entry on Valentines Day regarding my passion for the industry. I will, however, take some time to comment on how I came to this point…

    As a mechanical engineering student I had no desire to work with electronics. In my mind engineering was all about gears and pulleys – what would electronics have for me? Electronics is attaching a bunch of components together – right?

    Man was I wrong! When I came to Indium my first day I was completely amazed by our Advanced Materials and Process Development Lab. I had no idea how complex the world of soldering is – especially in the world of semiconductor packaging. I noticed so many interesting pieces of equipment that first day, I realized I’d be using my engineering background hands-on. Cross sectioning, x-ray, sonoscan, tensile testing – that’s all the stuff I learned in school, and I had no clue that they were used in electronics.

    A lot has changed since then. I’ve had a chance to see so many applications and work with you guys on some really cool projects. I’m glad to have happened upon this career.