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I Need Your Help for a Survey

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  • Folks,

    A colleague is writing a book on blogging and needs your input. His request is below. Please copy and paste your responce to him. (I know we are all busy, but I'm going to put a little guilt trip on those of you that I have helped with advice or software....please return the favor and help John.) His email address is: The request follows.


    Dr. Ron


    I am conducting some research for a book about corporate blogging strategies
    and tools. One of the chapters I am working on is about blogs from the
    customer's perspective. I wanted to get some insights from Dr. Lasky's
    readers about what they are looking for in a corporate blog.

    1) What is it about this blog that started you reading this blog, and
    causes you to continue to read the blog?

    2) Which of the following factors do you think adds to the credibility
    of this blog?
    a. Design of the blog
    b. Navigation of the blog
    c. Openness and transparency of the blogger
    d. Writing style of the blogger
    e. Content of the blog
    f. Interaction with blogger
    g. Interaction with other blog readers
    h. Frequency of posts
    i. How quickly the blogger responds to comments
    j. The blogger's role at their company
    k. The authority of the blogger
    l. Anything else?

    Please pick one or two factors, and tell me which factor you considered
    added the most credibility for the blog, and if possible explain why?

    3) Has your impression of the blogger's company changed since reading
    his/her blog? If so, in what why has your impressions changed?
    4) How would you describe the blogger's writing style, in individual
    articles, the whole blog and in their comments?

    Also, I am throwing in this quirky question:

    5) If you met the blogger in the street, what would you know about
    them, how would you describe them?


    John Cass