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  • The week before Mothers excellent time to talk about bonding!

    Indium metal really shines when it comes to bonding a wide variety of surfaces together. 

    Indium has several characteristics that make it an excellent candidate to bond or seal both metals and non-metals.
    • It stays pliable at cryogenic (-150C) temperatures.  This means that indium seals that are exposed to these cold temperatures will not crack or fail like other metals will.
    • Indium is great for bonding non-metallics such as glass, quartz and certain ceramics.
    • Since metals expand at different rates, this mismatch can cause a bond to break during heating and cooling.  Indium compensates for these differences.
    • Indium cold welds to itself so you can apply an indium coating to two surfaces like glass, quartz or certain ceramics that cannot be soldered and cold weld them together.
    So if you have a hermetic sealing requirement or you are just looking to join two dissimilar metals together, take a look at indium. It might be the answer!