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  • It is very rewarding to see a colleague toil away diligently - and to watch them earn the respect and praise that they deserve. I am proud to say that our own Dr. Ronald C. Lasky has earned (another) acknowledgement for the value he brings to our industry.

    His Dr. Lasky's blog has been included in the hot new book from Debbie Weil titled, The Corporate Blogging Book .

    Dr. Lasky's blog is included (on page 20) in the list of Deb's examples of "particularly well written and engaging" blogs. He sits amongst some pretty well-known peers, names such as Seth Godin , Stonyfield Farm , and Intuit QuickBooks .

    Dr. Lasky is truly a class act, a diligent, hard-working engineer, and a man of unquestionable integrity. He is an engaging and honored professor (at Dartmouth), a trusted technologist, and a respected member of the Indium Corporation staff.

    So, do what many, many others are doing ... check out Dr. Lasky's blog and benchmark from one of the world's best.

    Congratulations Dr. Ron!