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Indium Corporation Celebrates 5th Blogging Anniversary!

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  • Today marks the 5th anniversary of our company's first blog and post. I  was going to get all nostalgic and show you an image of that post. Instead, I  put that image on a cake and fed it to our blogging team. You guessed it!  I  didn't whip out my camera until AFTER  the party. Obviously, we had a super time.

    During the celebration (where - in addition to cake - pizza, sandwiches, beverages, and awesome stories were consummed heartily) we discussed where we are with social media, and how we got here.   I'll post on that later.

    On this special day I  want to simply THANK everyone who has supported and guided our team on our journey, and the wonderful bloggers on our team - our ROCK  STARS.

    Finally, I  want to give a special shout-out to my, and Indium Corporation's, blogmother, Toby Bloomberg. Simply put, she got us started. Thanks, Diva!