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Indium Corporation Wall Chart

Do you have a 2' x 3' area on the wall of your office or cubical for the latest new and improved Indium Corporation Wall Chart? Click here to email us your name and address so we can send you one.

We have updated the Table of Specialty Alloys and Solders, added new tables for fluxes and improved the graphics. And yes, the periodic table is still there, as well.

The wall chart is a ready reference for a quick check of the melting temperature of an alloy or one of its unique properties. The chart will help to compare different properties of alloys to narrow down your solder selection.

Indium Corporation is a quality supplier of preforms, Informs, wire, ribbon and foil, as well as, solder pastes, liquid fluxes and epoxies. If you need assistance you can contact an Indium Corporation Applications Engineers anywhere in the world. Our location information is on the chart. Call us to discuss your application and we will help you determine which form of solder will give you the best performance in your application. We have very talented engineers that help dozens of companies each week with their soldering questions.

In the upcoming weeks, we will be discussing topics such as:

The proper alloy for the metallizations
Flux selection
Methods of reflow
Engineered solder packaging
Ways to improve quality and uniformity in your process
Step soldering
Indium as a cryogenic seal, as well as, vacuum applications.

Paul A. Socha
Principal Engineer
Engineered Solder Products