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Indium Corporation Wins Premiere Advertising Award

  • Indium Corporation

  • Indium Corporation has earned the prestigious Pro-Comm Award for the world's first electronics assembly materials online video advertisement. In addition to winning the award, the ad, titled "INDIUM CORPORATION: We Know SMT Inside and Out", was also voted Best of Division.

    Pro-Comm awards are selected and presented by the Business Marketing Association. Pro-Comm is ranked as one of the advertising industry's premier award programs, drawing hundreds of entries annually from business-to-business marketing agencies and clients.

    Our groundbreaking ad humorously dramatizes the extent to which our engineers go to understand our customers' assembly processes. I created the ad concept and directed the production. The ad was filmed and produced by IConnect007, the oldest global online publication serving readers from the circuit board design, fabrication, and assembly industries. They are a great group of people to work with - very fun. There were times when we literally were crying - we were laughing so hard. That said, they are also quite professional - and really get things done quickly.

    Conventional promotional tools are getting lost in the crowd. Our video ads cut through the clutter, grab attention, and are now circulated throughout the industry via word-of-mouth - achieving our design goal. My quick count of the downloads and "views" indicate that these ads have been seen several thousand times, mostly as a result of referrals - WORD OF MOUTH. That's what its all about.

    Earning this recognition is icing on the cake, and it makes me very proud.

    Indium Corporation's award-winning ad can be found here.