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Indium Mailbag - How to Reclaim Indium

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  • Indium Mailbag is a new series where we discuss answers to common indium-related questions. Today we answer the question: “What is the process for reclaiming indium and how much can I get for it?”

    To get the process started, just send an inquiry to Let us know how much material you have, what form it is in, and what other impurities are contained in the material. If it is a material that we can reclaim, we will ask you to send us a sample. Once we analyze the material we can give you a price for the reclaim, which will take into account the purity of the material, the market price of indium, and the cost of recycling. For more information on this topic, please check out our website.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert