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Indium Shot - What is it and why use it?

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  • Indium shot is a bulk form of indium metal that is shaped like a small tear drop. This is a good form of material to use any time you’re measuring portions of indium. There is no need to rough-cut an indium ingot and then shave off pieces to obtain the proper weight. Shot are small enough for you to pour into a container and then add or subtract pieces individually until you get the weight you need.

    Some of our customers use our indium shot when preparing small batch melts, either for casting or extrusion. Other customers prefer indium shot for its high surface area as compared to ingots. This higher surface area makes indium shot great for plating or even thermal evaporation coating applications.

    Indium shot is NOT a high-precision form of indium (for that, please check out indium solder spheres). Shot is a bulk form of the metal, which makes it a better value for you if you just need a small form of indium with high surface area and easy singulation.

    You can purchase prototype indium shot here. For HVM quantities, please contact me at and I can connect you with our sales team to discuss pricing and lead-times.


    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert