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Indium Trichloride (InCl3) - A Versatile Compound

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  • Indium readily forms a compound with the chloride ion to form InCl3 which is the most available and readily soluble indium salt. It is available in aqueous solution and anhydrous forms. With such properties it is extremely versatile, being widely used in a number of industrial and electronics applications. 

    Uses: Indium trichloride is an efficient Lewis Acid for organic synthesis, a catalyst in Friedel-Crafts and Diels Alder reactions assisting the C-C bond formation.  More commonly InCl3 is used as an additive in alkaline-manganese batteries to deter gassing, as a pre-cursor for organometallic manufacture (tri-methyl Indium) for MOCVD processes, pharmaceutical applications, plating and pre-cursor for quantum dots.

    At Indium Corporation we supply all these applications up to 5N purity and have developed two different anhydrous products suited for different applications. We have experience and knowledge - if you want to know more, please contact: or