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iNEMI Helping Companies with High Reliability Concerns vis a vis RoHS Exempt


I just chatted with iNEMI's Jim McElroy about how iNEMI is working with companies concerned with high reliability and are partially RoHS exempt (usually for lead.)

Here are some comments from Jim:

"We have a group that focuses on high reliability issues related to RoHS.

It is made up of telecom and high end computer firms along with their EMS partners. These are folks who are either taking the Pb exemption or are out of scope of RoHS (e.g. Agilent). They are planning to continue to assemble with SnPb solders. While tin whiskers remains a worry of these people, the major stumbling block at the moment is the ongoing availability of SnPb compatible BGAs. While some have done some development work on mixed assembly (i.e. Pb-free BGAs in a SnPb assembly process), most are not comfortable with that approach. We have now formed a group that is working with the BGA supply base to encourage the ongoing availability of SnPb compatible BGAs. We were looking to organize a workshop on 1/24/07, however, the date will be moving out (probably to March 1).

There are some write-ups on this on our web site here. and here. "


More on military and lead-free soon.


Dr. Ron