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  • I like to check out B2B Marcom and Marketing websites. This one has caught my eye.

    Inside B to B Marketing is written by a team of Marketing experts/practitioners - so the content offers variety and different perspectives. Their "mission" is clearly posted, subscribing is simple and obvious, their archives are easy to reach, and they allow comments.

    I like their style - providing the entire posting right on the main page. Personally, I prefer this style versus being forced to hop around to get to the remainder of a posting (just a preference).

    So, what else could we want? Well, in my practice, it's all about content and results. Their content is good - and it will help many people achieve their intended results.

    Beware, these people just may sell you something, "The thinking behind Inside B to B Marketing comes from Scheibel Halaska, a full-service, business-to-business marketing communications firm based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin."Personally, I find it impressive that a "regular-old business" is out there blogging on their area of expertise (or maybe I find it amazing that so many AREN'T!) And, based on the insight in their postings, they just might be a vendor worth looking at.

    Check this team out.