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  • As you might imagine, "indium" is important to me. I often run through the internet looking at all things indium.

    I recently encountered a website/business that makes me sad due to it's efforts at deceiving the audience. The site is titled ZPTECH. It sells an indium compound, "Zindium", that "may well be the next 'miracle' in antiaging and superhealth".

    This site tells its readers that "the Alchemy of Ascension is here!". They sell an indium product that is "made through high alchemy combined with future technology." Where can I get some "future technology" today?

    They also rely on Kirlian Photography to "prove" their point. According to The Skeptics Dictionary - regarding Kirlian Photography:

    "This image is said to be a physical manifestation of the spiritual aura or "life force" which allegedly surrounds each living thing. Allegedly, this special method of "photographing" objects is a gateway to the paranormal world of auras. Actually, what is recorded is due to quite natural phenomena such as pressure, electrical grounding, humidity and temperature. Changes in moisture (which may reflect changes in emotions), barometric pressure, and voltage, among other things, will produce different 'auras'."

    This blatant deceit goes against the integrity that MUST lie at the heart of all Marcom.

    So (nothing new here):
    *Rule #1: Believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. The internet is rife with untruths.
    *Rule #2: Caveat emptor.