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Introduction to the Solder Tube Product Line

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    Robert McKerrow, Product Specialist-Engineered Solders, and Phil Zarrow discuss Indium Corporation’s line of solder tubes.

    Phil Zarrow: Robert, in the world of solder preforms, we know what a solder washer is, but what exactly is a solder tube?

    Robert McKerrow: A solder tube is similar to a solder washer in shape, except it has a wall-to-height ratio of greater than 3:1.

    Phil Zarrow: What are some of the applications for a solder tube?

    Robert McKerrow: The applications for a solder tube mainly include going within a plastic tube, similar in fashion to a finger trap where the wires are inserted into the tube and that tube is re-flowed. The solder creates an electrical connection while the plastic protects that connection from environmental hazards.

    Phil Zarrow: So this is probably ideal for cable splicing.

    Robert McKerrow: Cable splicing mainly in wire harness and cable assemblies, yes.

    Phil Zarrow: What are some of the products that Indium Corporation offers in solder tube world?

    Robert McKerrow: We offer flux between 0.5-2.0% by weight range. We also have visual reflow indicators, such as thermochromic dye, which when reflowed will change color to let the operator know that it's reached the proper temperature. We also have a bi-alloy tube; that's a base tube with a higher melting temperature ring around it that works in the same fashion as the dye.

    Phil Zarrow: Where can we get more information on this?

    Robert McKerrow: You can contact me directly for specific needs at or you can visit our solder tube webpage.

    Phil Zarrow: Robert, thank you very, very much.

    Robert McKerrow: Thank you.