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IPC RoHS 2 Meeting in Brussels on June 18 Appears to Be a Good Start

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  • Folks,

    In a posting , I recently mentioned that I was concerned that RoHS 2 seemed to be getting off on the wrong foot and that this was unlike what I felt were the conservative efforts by the EU in RoHS 1 .  Most notably how the EU was not aggressively removing the exemptions for categories 8 and 9 in RoHS 1.  Most troubling Re RoHS 2, was the exclusion of the IPC from an important stakeholders meeting.

    In response, the IPC asked for a meeting with some of the EU RoHS folks to discuss their concerns.  Industry leaders were also invited.  A summary of the meeting can be found here.  The meeting appeared to have accomplished a goal of developing a dialog between the IPC and its member stakeholders on one side and the EU Commission and the RoHS Technical Advisory Committee on the other.

    The IPC will be writing a supply chain white paper on the possible effects of the RoHS 2 restrictions.  This is the time for all of us "stakeholders" to encourage and support the IPC in this effort.


    Dr. Ron