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Is California going RoHS?

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  • Paul Writes:


    I attended your class earlier in the year in Anaheim, California. Since that time several questions have come up that I think you could help me with. The first is:

    When is California requiring products to be RoHS compliant and what products are affected by this? In addition, is there someplace I can get the formal law or act that explicitly states this similar to the EU documents that I have?

    The other question that I have is for the EU market. If a product is in production prior to the July 2006 deadline does it need to be re-designed to become compliant. If not, and there are design changes made to improve the operation of the unit does this redesigned unit need to be compliant.


    1. I don't believe California has enacted anything formal stating that the state will follow WEEE/RoHS compliancy.

    2. A product in production before the July 1 deadline does need to be "redesigned" to be RoHS compliant.

    Best wishes,

    Dr. Ron