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It's Just a Beginning ...

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  • Someone asked me to define the current state of the Solar Photovoltaic industry and I could think of two words evolving and explosive. These two words would describe the processes, needs, and markets of the solar industry. To add to the excitement there are unique challenges that every company in the industry has to overcome. This is probably the reason the industry is constantly attracting talent from various other mature industries.

    Having been involved with the solar industry for last 20 years and having supported the infancy to maturity of various other industries; Indium Corporation is well equipped in this space. Whether it is about sputtering targets made from challenging materials or top conductor metallization pastes which need to perform over 20 years, Indium Corporation's scientists and engineers are leaping ahead every day. With the launch of several new advanced materials this year and the capacity rampup we have demonstrated our support. But looking at the explosive growth of the industry I know it's just a beginning.