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It Seems Like Just Yesterday

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  • Today (March 3rd) I start my 25th year at Indium Corporation.  It seems like just yesterday that the minor league hockey team I was doing PR for folded and I was forced to look for a new job.

    I knew after the first week that I had made a huge mistake.  Going from a world of writing and promoting and ticket selling to day after day of science and chemistry and math couldn't be right for me.  But I needed the job so I stuck it out.  For 24 years so far!  I'll bet I am not the only one with that story to tell.
    And it turned out that the move was right for me.  Because Indium is a great place to work with great, smart people but also because every day is different from the day before.  I knew nothing about Indium or indium (the metal) before I started here (other than they were one of the hockey team's season ticket holders and our sports intern's mother worked here).  But I have sure learned a lot since that fateful first week.  Especially about indium metal.  Terms like Solder Preform, Burn In, Thermal Interface and Hermetic Sealing have replaced road trip, slap shot and overtime.

    Over the next few weeks I will share with you some of the things I have learned during my tenure here at Indium.  I hope you find them as interesting (and hopefully usable) as I do.