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Join Me at CONCIBE 2007 in Guadalajara June 7th and 8th

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  • Folks,

    I will be giving four, one hour workshops at CONCIBE 2007 in beautiful Guadalajara, Mexico on June 7th and 8th. A summary of the topics follows:

    1. An Overview of World Wide Environmental Compliance in Electronics
    - EU WEEE/RoHS
    - China RoHS
    - US and other initiatives
    This one hour presentation will begin with a brief overview of the WEEE/RoHS directives that went into full enforcement on 1 July 2006. The current state of WEEE/RoHS compliance regarding issues and challenges will then be discussed. .

    China "RoHS" will be reviewed regarding its requirements and strategies to comply.

    RoHS type initiatives in other countries will also be reviewed.

    2. Trends in Electronics Manufacturing
    - An analysis of the PWB, IC and Assembly World Wide Trends
    Current trends in PWB, IC and electronic assembly will be discussed regarding technology advances, market share per world economic regions (i.e, the Americas, Asia, Japan, Europe) and future outlooks.
    A "teardown analysis" of a personal computer and a cellular phone will be presented to help understand the cost of technology and how it drives world wide manufacture.

    3. Applying Statistical Process Control to Improve Quality and Productivity
    in Electronics Assembly
    This one hour overview will cover the importance of statistical process control to high yield/high profit electronic assembly. An example of an SPC implementation in electronic assembly will also be discussed.

    4. The Growing Threat of Counterfeit Components
    This one hour presentation will discus how low labor rates in Asia have spawned a new industry: Counterfeit
    Components. Several examples of counterfeit components will be given and techniques to identify them will be presented. The talk will finish with a strategy to minimize risk from this new threat.

    Join us if you can!


    Dr. Ron