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Join Me at SMTAI

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  • One of the electronics largest trade shows of the year, SMTAI is nearing on the week of August 18th. At this show in Orlando, Florida, Tim Jensen and I will be presenting a paper titled, "Halogen-Free Solder Pastes and Fluxes: Implementation Challenges.

    Who is this presentation intended for?
    The intended audience for this paper is anyone who is using or has considered using solder pastes or fluxes in their electronics. This includes the solder fluxes used for TIM1 thermal applications.  This presentation will focus on the use of halogens in solder fluxes. There is both environmental as well as a reliability repercussions to including halogens in solder fluxes, and their impact will be discussed at this session.
    When is it?
    Join us on August 20 at the 1:30 Environmental Compliance session to join in the discussion and hopefully learn a bit about halogen-free solder fluxes.