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Laboratory and University Outreach, Recap 2018

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  • Amy Schultz is the University and Institutional Support Specialist at Indium Corporation. Her main job is to promote our name and services to universities and laboratories across the world. She is quick to point out that the other part of her job is to learn about the awesome new work that’s being done on the university and laboratory level. Let’s explore:

    Jim: Indium Corporation has a long history of working with universities and laboratories. How has that changed recently?

    Amy: Since joining the company, I can say that the interaction with universities and laboratories has increased quite a bit. This is good because these organizations are an important part of our company's development. I’ve reached out to universities and labs all over the world to help make them more aware of our company, and to let them know what support we have to offer. I’ve even had a chance to travel to several universities and a few labs over the past few months.  

    Jim: Looking back on 2018, what types of things have had the most impact on you?

    Amy: Oh wow! Everything I’ve done this year has been exciting. We have been collaborating with various universities, so getting to learn about their research has been really awesome. I can’t wait to share it with everyone when the research is complete! Getting to meet new research students, professors, and laboratory researchers has been really cool. Because of them I am constantly learning! Launching our university website has been exciting. This site is specifically geared toward universities and labs. I also got to participate in National Manufacturing Day at SUNY Polytechnic Institute. Talking with students of all ages who have come to our exhibit to learn about what we do is so much fun. They genuinely think what we do is “cool” and “really awesome,” which puts a huge smile on my face.

    Jim: I love that your excitement for this work is genuine. (Believe me folks, Amy is perfectly suited for what she does!) What would you like to say to scientists out there who might be experimenting with the type of products we offer?

    Amy: Email me! Call me! (315-853-4900) Send me smoke signals!(puff-puff-puff?) Let us support you in your research, whether it’s with our materials, our white papers or blogs, or our on-site technical support. We're here to help. We can even help get your work recognized by posting about your research on our blogs.

    Jim: What about our new readers who haven’t worked with us in the past?

    Amy: Tell me about the research you’re doing! For those of you that have no idea who we are, that’s okay! Contact me, I will tell you all about our company and how we can help you.

    For more about what Amy does, and Indium Corporation’s relationship with labs and universities, check out this dedicated website.

    Authored by previous Indium Application Manager Jim Hisert