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Liquid Metal Wetting

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  • I assure you, the following is not some strange alien test of foreign materials. Even though it resembles a substance from the spaceship in E.T. – this is definitely earthly matter. This video shows the following 3 low-temperature liquid metal alloys wetting to glass:

    • 61Ga/25In/13Sn/1Zn (Indalloy #46L)
    • 66.5Ga/20.5In/13Sn
    • 68.5Ga/21.5In/10Sn

    These are variations of Gallium, Indium, and Tin (with Zinc in #46L) that have amazing abilities – including incredibly low thermal resistance in heat transfer applications. These alloys also wet to other non-metallic substrates like silicon, quartz, ceramics, and diamond.


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