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LIVE@APEX part 2 - Solder Paste

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  • In my previous blog post I talked about our LIVE@APEX anniversary and how we demonstrated our Core230 Flux-Cored Wire. This post will talk about the equipment suppliers who demonstrated our Indium8.9HF Solder Paste. As with our Core230-RC solder wire, Indium8.9HF was chosen by the equipment suppliers because it JUST WORKS.


    Indium8.9HF Solder Paste, an air reflow, no-clean, halogen-free paste, is one of Indium Corporation’s most stable pastes. With low BGA, CSP, and QFN voiding, high transfer efficiency, and great oxidation resistance, this material provides excellent soldering performance under high-temperature and long reflow processes. It’s also compatible with SnPb and Pb-free alloys. Another excellent feature of this paste is response–to-pause. Even after being left on the stencil for 60 hours, printing performance of this material is still outstanding.


    With all these characteristics, it is no wonder that this is a favored product among our customers and industry partners. Below is a list of our industry partners who used Indium8.9HF Solder Paste on their equipment:


    •           ASYS (Ekra), booth 2720

    •           Finetech, booth 2427

    •           Koh Young Technology, booth 1908

    •           PARMI USA, Inc., booth 1307

    •           ITW-EAE, booth 3339

    •           Yamaha, booth 942

    •           Universal Instruments Corp., booth 2308

    •           APEX Factory Automation



    Miloš Lazić